Леонардо да винчи биография на английском

Leonardo Da Vinci Biography – Short Biography for Kids

Леонардо да винчи биография на английском

Kids… have you ever wondered what you would to become when you grow up? A teacher, an engineer, a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot… the list is endless.

Why not do something different? Make a career your hobbies… have a little bit of every profession in you? Just the most famous personality of the 15th and 16th century- Leonardo da Vinci who was not only an artist and a scientist but was also a military engineer, an inventor, a toymaker, a machine designer, an architect, a singer, a theatre costume and set designer and an animal lover! Apart from all of this, Leonardo was regarded as the greatest painter in world history during the Renaissance period; which was the time when the greatest inventions and important developments took place in the field of art and science.

When and Where was Leonardo Da Vinci Born?

So how did Leonardo become the master of so many techniques? Let us take a look starting from the time Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in Italy. His father was from a rich family and his mother was a poor peasant. Leonardo spent his childhood with his mother, in poverty.

Leonardo, from his childhood, was a brilliant painter. He loved painting so much that he studied painting regularly and created his own paints as well.

Seeing this, Leonardo’s father took him to Florence to a famous painter Verrochio who guided Leonardo with his extraordinary painting abilities. As Leonardo was the favorite of his teacher, many students were jealous of him.

Leonardo spent many years learning art under his teacher. After a few years he became an independent artist.

At the very young age of just 25, Leonardo had started his own workshop and had become a famous painter. Even though he was a great artist, Leonardo had trouble finishing his work because he had diverse interests. He also had an inclination towards science.

Leonardo had heard about the Duke of Milan and sent him a letter asking if he could work for the Duke. Without any hesitation the Duke welcomed Leonardo to Milan. The Duke gave him many paintings and projects to work on.

The Last Supper Painting

Leonardo flourished during this time, making many weapons that were used in wars.

In the years he spent with the Duke, Leonardo completed some extremely famous paintings ‘The Last Supper’ and ‘The Virgin of the Rocks’ in which he applied the rules of Perspective, applied even today in art.

He also built a statue of the Father of the Duke of Milan which took 16 years to complete but because of the French military war, the statue was destroyed.

Leonardo was a busy man in Milan. He was busy working as a painter, architect and a scientist. Now Leonardo’s interest diverted towards anatomy, the study of the human body. Along with one of his students, Leonardo went to dig out a dead body for dissection. However, it was against church rules and thus Leonardo was put in prison.

After being set free from prison, Leonardo decided to return to his hometown Vinci in Italy. However, when he found his mother had died, Leonardo’s heart broke and he returned to Florence where he worked as a military advisor.

Leonardo’s thought was always ahead of his time. He was very intrigued by birds and their ability to fly. Thus he created many designs which resembled the helicopter and an airplane, but at that time, no one understood it. When scientists compare the structure of Leonardo’s airplane and the airplanes we have today, they find many similarities in them.

His interest in anatomy did not die. He studied anatomy of the human body in great depth and in order to explain his thoughts on anatomy he created hundreds of drawings. The most famous among them is the ‘Vitruvian Man’ which is a complex design explaining the relationship between human body and geometry.

He dissected many human bodies in order to understand how anatomy worked. Later he applied the principles of muscles propelling bones to build a robotic knight which was used for entertainment at parties.

Who Painted the Mona Lisa?

Even though he worked for the military, his love for art remained with him. He painted a portrait of the wife of a wealthy silk merchant, Mona Lisa. However, he couldn’t complete his painting as she had moved from Florence.

One day, Leonardo heard about Mona Lisa’s death and was devastated and he left Florence. Leonardo decided to move to France and spend the rest of his life there. Leonardo gifted his favorite painting of Mona Lisa to King Francis I who often visited Leonardo.

Since Leonardo’s drawings and inventions were much ahead of his time, his inventions were never built during his lifetime. Leonardo also never published any of his inventions. He simply kept a personal diary in which he recorded them. The diary was discovered much later after Leonardo’s death.

The Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci

Some of the most famous inventions from Leonardo’s designs are:

  • The parachute and the ornithopter, much a helicopter
  • Machine gun
  • Diving suit
  • A planned city design with urban living
  • Self propelled cart- a cart with no driver being the first robotic vehicle

Interesting Facts about Leonardo Da Vinci :

  1. He also made drawings of musical instruments, war machines, calculators and boats; but due to the limited technology at that time, they could not be made.
  2. Leonardo da Vinci wrote in the opposite direction to how normally people write. It means he wrote as mirror images of the actual words.
  3. He was also interested in astronomy and was the first person to explain why the sky is blue and also why the moon is dimly visible when it becomes a thin crescent.
  4. His famous paintings can be found in the Louvre museum in Paris which has had them for over 200 years now.
  5. He also studied river erosion and came out with the theory that the Earth is much older than what the Bible implies. He also disagreed with the Noah’s flood theory and deduced that marine fossils left on the mountains were because of rising and falling sea levels.

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Английский (топики/темы): Leonardo da Vinci – Леонардо да Винчи

Леонардо да винчи биография на английском

Leonardo da Vinci

Everyone agrees that Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was one of the greatest of all painters. His painting “The Last Supper” is probably the. most famous painting in the world.

But Leonardo would be famous if he had never painted a stroke. For he was also a great inventor. He invented the wheelbarrow, the military tank, and roller bearings. He made plans for dozens of weapons and machines.

He even experimented with airplane and submarine modes.

Besides, Leonardo was great as a scientist and engineer. He was also a poet, a musician, and a sculptor. Perhaps no other person in history has ever learned so much in a lifetime. Certainly no one ever deserved more to be called a genius.

Leonardo was born in the village of Vinci in Italy. As a small boy he lived most of the time with his fathers parents. Leonardo was a beautiful boy, with curly hair and bright blue eyes.

When his father found out that the boy was interested in painting, he sent him to an excellent painter and teacher. One day Leonardo painted a beautiful angel in one of his teacher's pictures. “You are a greater painter than Г, said the teacher, “I will paint no more”

In a few years Leonardo's father decided that he would pay no more to the teacher.

His son, he thought, was spending too much time studying rocks and plants, watching birds to find out how their bodies work, and building models of machines. But Leonardo stayed on as his teachers helper.

He stayed till he was nearly 25. Then he set out to paint for himself, first in Florence, then in Milan and Venice, and at the end of his life in France.

Leonardo had ideas that other painters d to copy. “Let them” he said, “I will originate. They can copy”.

Thus great painter left behind only a few paintings, he had many ideas for pictures and made many wonderful pen and ink sketches. But he had so many other interests that he found it hard to sit and paint for hours at a time.

Some of his paintings have been lost because he d to experiment. He used colours mixed with wax to paint a wonderful mural of a cavalry battle, but the wax melted and the picture was ruined.

“The Last Supper” is on the wall of a chapel in Milan. This picture was famous long before it was finished.

There is such beauty in Leonardo's paintings that they are as hard to describe as beautiful music. The faces of his people are full of expression. He used light and shade in a new way to make people look very life.

One of Leonardo's paintings is called “Mona Liza”. It is the picture of a woman with a faint smile on her face. The painting was ordered by the woman's husband.

But Leonardo d it so much that he kept it for himself. He took it to France with him when he went to spend the last years of his life as a court painter to the king of France.

Now it is one of the greatest treasures of the Louvre in Paris.

Леонардо да Винчи

Никто не станет спорить, что Леонардо да Винчи (1452-1519) — один из величайших художников. Его «Тайная вечеря» — одна из самых известных картин в мире. Но Леонардо стал бы знаменитым, даже если бы ничего не нарисовал.

Ведь он был и великим изобретателем. Он изобрел ручную тележку, военный танк и роликовые подшипники. Он спроектировал многие виды оружия и механизмов. Он также проводил эксперименты с моделями аэропланов и подводных лодок.

Кроме того, Леонардо был великим ученым и конструктором. А еще он был поэтом, музыкантом и скульптором. Наверно, больше никому в истории человечества не удавалось научиться стольким вещам за свою жизнь. Конечно же, Леонардо да Винчи можно по праву назвать гением.

Леонардо родился в селении Винчи в Италии. Большую часть своего детства он провел с родителями отца. Леонардо был красивым мальчиком с кудрявыми волосами и голубыми глазами.

Когда его отец заметил, что мальчик интересуется рисованием, он отправил его к замечательному художнику и учителю. Однажды Леонардо нарисовал прекрасного ангела на картине своего учителя. «Ты — более великий художник, чем я, — сказал учитель, — я не буду больше рисовать».

Спустя какое-то время отец Леонардо решил, что не будет больше платить учителю.

Он считал, что его сын проводит слишком много времени, изучая камни и растения, наблюдая за птицами, пытаясь выяснить, как устроено их тело, и создавая модели механизмов. Но Леонардо остался у учителя в качестве помощника.

Он оставался с ними почти до 25 лет. Потом он начал рисовать самостоятельно, сначала во Флоренции, потом в Милане и Венеции, а в конце своей жизни — во Франции.

Идеи Леонардо многие художники переносили на свои полотна. «Пусть, — говорил он, — я буду создавать. А они пусть копируют».

Итак, великий художник оставил после себя немного картин, у него было много идей, и он создал множество замечательных эскизов карандашом и чернилами. Но у Леонардо было так много разных интересов, что он не мог себе позволить часами сидеть над одной картиной.

Некоторые его картины утеряны из-за любви художника к экспериментам. Он смешивал краски с воском, работая над замечательной фреской, изображающей конный бой, но воск растаял, и изображение исчезло.

«Тайная вечеря» находится на стене часовни в Милане. Эта картина стала известной задолго до того, как была завершена.

Картины Леонардо так красивы, что их так же трудно описать, как прекрасную музыку. Лица людей на картинах очень выразительны. Он по-новому использовал свет и тень, чтобы сделать своих персонажей боле естественными.

Одно из полотен Леонардо называется «Мона Лиза». Это портрет женщины с легкой улыбкой на лице. Портрет заказал муж этой женщины. Но Леонардо картина так понравилась, что он оставил ее себе. Он забрал ее с собой во Францию, где он провел свои последние годы, работая придворным художником короля Франции. Теперь эта картина — одна из сокровищ парижского Лувра.

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